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About Us

About Us

Hi, my name is  Ndaya Dinatus (Lilian)  ex-student of Oten. I...

Hi, my name is  Ndaya Dinatus (Lilian)  ex-student of Oten. I graduated from Oten with cert.IV in Community Services. My studies with Oten  has been a great achievement for me.

I am from a non-English speaking background. Through Oten i am able to speak English, connect and get involve in my community thanks to my humble  English teacher Emily Werlemann who thought me the English which helped me  to be able to do my assignments and all the units successfully.

My studies with Oten has helped me gained employment as a Disability Support Worker(DSW)   I initiated a community garden where my clients are able to do some work as part of exercise for those who can use their hands.  The garden is opened for everyone.  There are people who have been volunteering in this garden and doing a great job.

I am deeply thank you Öten and all the teachers especially Beth Evans who went through all my assignments making sure  i get all things right.

You guys are fabulous.

Hi there, if you are looking  for a good  place to study, Oten is the best.


Hi, my name is  Ndaya Dinatus (Lilian)  ex-student of Oten. I...: read more


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