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Certificate IV in Maritime Operations (Master up to 35 metres Near Coastal)

National Course Code: MAR40613

TAFE NSW Course Number: MAR40613-01V01

Nominal Hours: 466

Full Fee: $8,990
Max. Fee If Eligible For Subsidy: $2,510

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  • Nationally Recognised Training
  • Government Subsidised
  • Traineeship

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This qualification is suitable for those sailing as Master on vessels up to 35
metres in length within the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) or a Mate on vessels
up to 80 metres in length.


Practical Test Selection Jul - Dec 2018

This qualification was recently updated. If you do not complete this superseded qualification- MAR40613 Certificate IV in Maritime Operations (Master up to 35 metres Near Coastal) before 08/06/2019, you will be transferred into the replacement qualification- MAR40618 Certificate IV in Maritime Operations (Master up to 35 metres Near Coastal) for the remainder of your enrolment period.

To ensure you leave us with the most up to date qualification...

If during or after your enrolment, the course in which you are enrolled is updated in line with national industry standards, the Institute reserves the right to transition you into an alternate course. If this becomes necessary, the Institute will advise you of the change and the arrangements which will be available for you to complete your alternate course.

There are no entry requirements for this qualification.

Credit (or recognition) for modules/units may be granted based on previous learning, studies, work and/or life experiences. Please discuss this with the teaching section when you enrol.

Although there are no academic entry requirements to enrol in this TAFE qualification, there are other requirements that you must satisfy in order to obtain the AMSA Certificate of Competency (license) which will enable you to apply for work in the Maritime Industry. Students need to be aware that for some qualifications there may be a pathway prerequisite to achieve the AMSA Certificate of Competency (licensing).

Other requirements may include: be at least 16 years of age, holding a current First Aid certificate, holding a marine Radio Operators Certificate, satisfactory completion of an eyesight and medical test as well as satisfying sea service requirements. Please see the AMSA website Domestic Commercial Vessels - Seafarers and Qualifications information at www.amsa.gov.au for further information.

You are not required to complete any formalised work placement as part of this course, however, we do require that you have access to a commercial vessel so that you can learn and practice the practical learning required in this course. Access to a vessel is also necessary so that you can complete practical aspects of your assignments and complete any relevant tasks in your AMSA task book if you wish.
NOTE It is not compulsory to complete the AMSA task book to complete this course however you may be eligible for a considerable sea service reduction from AMSA if you do.

Working as a Master on vessels up to 35 metres within the maritime industry.

MARB005 Slip or dock a vessel and maintain hull on a vessel up to 80 metres
MARF002 Follow procedures to minimise and fight fires on board a vessel
MARH004 Plan and navigate a passage for a vessel up to 80 metres
MARN004 Manage seaworthiness of a vessel up to 80 metres
MARA004 Manage vessel stability
MARF001 Apply basic survival skills in the event of vessel abandonment
MARH003 Manage and maintain a navigational watch on board vessels up to 80 metres
MARK003 Manoeuvre a vessel up to 80 metres
MARA003 Manage loading, discharging and stowing of cargo
MARC014 Operate deck machinery and steering gear on a vessel up to 80 metres
MARG002 Manage a small crew
MARJ002 Monitor environmental management on a vessel
MARC011 Manage a propulsion unit using appropriate engine systems and support services
MARF005 Survive at sea using survival craft
MARH006 Forecast weather and oceanographic conditions
MARC012 Monitor and manage vessel operations
MARF010 Work safely in confined spaces on a vessel
MARI002 Observe regulations to ensure safe operation of a vessel up to 80 metres
MARB010 Plan and supervise routine maintenance on a vessel up to 80 metres
MARF004 Meet work health and safety requirements
MARH005 Use wheelhouse equipment for safe navigation

The above list includes units being offered at OTEN. If licensing in another state other than NSW is required, please check requirements with the relevant state.

You don't need to study what you already know! The skills, knowledge and experience you have gained from your previous learning, work experience and life in general may be taken into account.

To apply for recognition in one or more units you must clearly show that you have the equivalent and relevant skills, knowledge and experience of the unit or group of units.

For Credit transfer where you have completed previous studies either with TAFE NSW or with another tertiary provider complete the Enrolment Adjustment - Credit - Previous Studies form, and include any required evidence.

For Recognition of Prior Learning, attach your evidence to a completed Enrolment Adjustment – Credit – Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) form and submit for assessment.

Send your applications to:

Email: oten.recognitionhelp@tafensw.edu.au

Post: OTEN Recognition, 51 Wentworth Road, Strathfield NSW 2135

Keep a copy of all completed forms for your records.

To find out more about Credit and to help you with your application read the Credit e-Kit for Students.

Need more help? Contact the Recognition Help Desk

Computer/ Internet access
You will need a computer or tablet computer (eg IPad) with internet access to access the OLS student website and online PDF resources. PDF/ Word resources can be downloaded to your device so that you do not always need to be connected to the Internet to continue with your study.Navigation Charts and plotting instruments
For Navigation studies you will need to buy charts AUS 802 and 252 as well as navigational instruments which include; parallel rulers, drawing compass, 2b pencils and eraser. Charts AUS 802 and 252 are available from Boat Books for $25 for OTEN students. Navigational instruments can also be purchased from Boat books or from your local marine chandlery.
Boatbooks www.boatbooks-aust.com.au

Many resources are provided however for additional reading we suggest you purchase the ‘Australian Boating Manual (5th Ed) by Capt. Dick Gandy, Ocean Publications, Sydney. This is available to purchase in hard copy or PDF version
Australian Boating Manual (5th Ed) www.australianboatingmanual.com

Practical assessment
Practical assessment is required for this course. The cost of practical assessment is not included in the course fee. OTEN provides practical assessment days in Sydney for an additional fee. OTEN does not require you to come to Sydney to complete your practical assessment, however if you choose to complete your practical assessment elsewhere you will need to find someone suitably qualified to assess you and a suitable vessel in Commercial Survey to be assessed on. An assessor will need to hold a certificate of Competency one level above the level they are assessing and also hold current training & assessment qualifications. If the one assessor does not hold both qualifications a second assessor must also be present. Note that you will also be responsible for any fees you incur in completing your practical assessment elsewhere.

OTEN practical assessment fees (held in Sydney)
Fire fighting (3 hrs)$130
Survival (3 hrs)$125
Navigation/ simulator (1 day) $170
Your learning materials are largely provided to you in electronic format on the student OLS support website.

You may also receive some hard copy resources.
This qualification is completed by satisfactorily completing a variety of assessment tasks including - assignments, on line quizzes, written supervised tests and practical assessments.

The OLS student support website details which resources you need to study and which assessments you need to complete in order to pass each unit.You should allow the equivalent of 645 hours of study/ assessment time to complete this course.

Depending on your individual circumstances it may be possible to complete this course in considerably less time.

If you currently hold a lower grade maritime qualification or have experience in the maritime field you may be eligible for recognition for some of your course.

Smart and Skilled Student Fees

The cost of this course will vary based on your eligibility for a Smart and Skilled Student Fee. Eligibility criteria can be found on the Smart and Skilled website or you can call us on 131 601 for further information and advice.

First qualification$2,150
Second qualification$2,510
Non-government subsidised fee$8,990

Trainees: From 2016 if you are starting a traineeship that is on the NSW Skills List, your Smart and Skilled fee for the whole qualification will not be more than $1,000.

This training is subsidised by the NSW government under Smart and Skilled. The student fee you will need to pay, will be determined according to your personal circumstances and eligibility for a subsidised place, you may also be eligible for a concession fee, fee exemption or fee free scholarship. Payment by instalments is available.

You may continue with an enrolment into this course if you are not eligible for subsidised training, however the full training fee will be applicable. There are conditions to enrolment if you are a Temporary Visa Holder. To discuss your visa status and eligibility to enrol please phone 131 241.

For further information on fees and charges please see https://www.tafensw.edu.au/get-started-at-tafe-nsw/fees-information

Please ensure you also read and understand the associated fee policies and conditions related to withdrawal from a course, applying for a refund of fees, applying for a deferral to your studies and if you are behind in payment of instalments.

For full details on TAFE NSW fees and money matters please visit our Paying for Your Course page.

To enrol in this course please click on the Enrol Now button. You may also enrol over the phone by calling TAFE Digital on 131 601

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