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School leavers under 17 years of age

From January 2010, a new law in NSW requires students to complete school to Year 10 and then to continue in either full-time education, training, paid employment, or a combination of these until you are at least 17 years of age.

Once you have completed Year 10, TAFE NSW can provide vocational training with learning support to help you to get a job or go on to further training. If you need help choosing a course please contact the Counselling and Careers Service at your chosen location.

Under exceptional circumstances, TAFE NSW will offer Certificate II vocational courses for a small number of young people who are under 17 years of age and have not completed Year 10. You will need to seek exemption from your school. To gain an exemption, you need to demonstrate your ability and skills to study in an adult learning environment and interest in specific vocational qualifications.

If you have been home schooled you can seek to transfer to TAFE to undertake a Certificate II vocational course. You will need approval from an authorised person at the Board of Studies and the Institute Director from TAFE NSW – Western Sydney Institute. To access this option parents/students registered for home schooling will need to follow the procedures detailed on the Board of Studies website.

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