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TAFE to University

Pathways to Uni

Thinking of studying? Not sure if you should go to TAFE or uni? Let us help you decide.

At TAFE Western Sydney we offer you the flexibility to fast-forward your career with Pathways.

Choosing to study at TAFE before going on to uni can see you graduating and entering a competitive workforce sooner – and not with one, but two, nationally recognised qualifications!

Below are some example of pathways to university.

Go higher with a TAFE NSW Higher Education degree

Go Higher - Prospectus Cover

A TAFE NSW Higher Education qualification is a valuable tool for building your future.

TAFE NSW has an enviable reputation for producing highly competent, industry-ready graduates. Our programs result in positive outcomes because:

Go higher with a TAFE NSW Higher Education degree: read more

Pathways Pay

TAFE NSW Diplomas are value for money. They're nationally recognised qualifications that make you work ready, meaning you can graduate and go to work, or, if you want to study at uni, you can gain credit for some subjects and reduce your fees.

Pathways Pay: read more


WSI to Charles Sturt University

If you’re a TAFE Western Sydney student or graduate, you’re in a fantastic position to further your study at uni.

Charles Sturt University (CSU) highly values TAFE qualifications, and has developed a program specifically for TAFE students wanting to further their study though uni.

CU@CSU: read more

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