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WSI to Charles Sturt University

If you’re a TAFE Western Sydney student or graduate, you’re in a fantastic position to further your study at uni.

Charles Sturt University (CSU) highly values TAFE qualifications, and has developed a program specifically for TAFE students wanting to further their study though uni. For Diploma and Advanced Diploma TAFE students, CSU can offer you:

  • Guaranteed university entry*
  • TAFE specific scholarships
  • Credit for relevant study

Guaranteed university entry*

CSU offers guaranteed entry into most undergraduate courses* for anyone who has completed a TAFE Diploma or Advanced Diploma, or TPC students with a TES of 157 or above. The TAFE qualification doesn’t even have to be relevant to what you would like to study at CSU, so why not apply to CSU today!

TAFE specific scholarships

CSU has developed a TAFE specific scholarship program, called The CSU 'TAFE to University' Scholarship program. This program has been developed for Diploma and Advanced Diploma TAFE students.

Credit for relevant study

CSU is committed to providing as much credit as possible for your prior TAFE study. This means you can reduce the amount of study time required to complete your degree at CSU.

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*Note: There are certain courses which have enrolment limits, and therefore are not included in the guaranteed entry offering.

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