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    TAFE NSW Course Number: 900-81042V01
    Develop some basic skills for a role in business administration. You will learn how to manage staff diaries and appointments, create presentations for the workplace and design and produce digital documents.
    TAFE NSW Course Number: 901-00014V01
    In this short, self-paced course you will develop skills in preparing and delivering presentations (such as marketing, training or promotional presentations) and learn how to design and produce engaging electronic slideshows to support your...
    TAFE NSW Course Number: 900-81120V01
    This short course delivers training in the use of office applications in word processing and spreadsheet software. You will create a range of workplace documents including letters, reports, flyers, budgets, basic formulas, charts and office...
    TAFE NSW Course Number: 900-81118V01
    Become an Excel spreadsheet whiz! This short course will help you develop the skills to become proficient in the creation and use of spreadsheet functions, perform calculations and analysis by using formulas, functions, templates and charts.
    TAFE NSW Course Number: 901-00013V01
    In this short self-paced course you will develop valuable skills and knowlledge for Executive Assistants including - manage appointments and diaries for personnel within an organisation - use manual and electronic diaries, schedules and other...
    TAFE NSW Course Number: 900-81122V01
    Take the first step in developing your skills in word processing and spreadsheets for an office environment. You will learn correct keyboarding techniques to create a range of workplace documents and learn how to create, use and present spreadsheet.
    National Code: 901-00003V | TAFE NSW Course Number: 901-00003V01
    This course is ideal if you are thinking about developing your basic business skills to feel more confident about working in an office environment. You will develop your skills and knowledge in customer services, work health and safety (WHS) and...

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