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    TAFE NSW Course Number: 900-80342V01
    By studying this short coursec, students learn skills in providing engineering solutions to problems in complex polyphase power circuits. The course may be beneficial for those working in complex energy distribution networks.
    TAFE NSW Course Number: 900-81117V01
    This course provides training in the use of office applications in word processing and spreadsheet software at a complex level. Learners will create a range of workplace documents which may include letters, reports, flyers, budgets, formulas, macros...
    TAFE NSW Course Number: 900-80353V01
    This short course provide students with skills in computational processes to solve engineering problems and OHS skills.
    TAFE NSW Course Number: 900-80681V01
    This course is suitable for those seeking a role in financial services and other industries requiring accounting support functions. Individuals in these roles apply theoretical knowledge and specialist knowledge and skills to work autonomously and...
    TAFE NSW Course Number: 900-81120V01
    This short course provides training in the use of office applications in word processing and spreadsheet software. Learners will create a range of workplace documents which may include, letters, reports, flyers, budgets, basic formulas, charts and...
    National Code: AHC51116 | TAFE NSW Course Number: AHC51116-01V02
    The Diploma of Conservation and Land Management reflects the role of personnel working in management positions with technical level skills in conservation and land management roles. No occupational licensing, legislative or certification...
    National Code: AHC31416 | TAFE NSW Course Number: AHC31416-01V02
    Work local but have a global impact as an environmental operator in a growing industry. Cultivate your love for the great outdoors with the nationally accredited Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management. Gain specialist training to manage...
    National Code: AHC21016 | TAFE NSW Course Number: AHC21016-01V01
    This qualification provides an occupational outcome in conservation and land management. Work would be carried out under general guidance and supervision. The qualification enables individuals to select an Indigenous land management, conservation...
    National Code: 22334VIC | TAFE NSW Course Number: 22334VIC-01V01
    The Certificate IV in Cyber Security is a technician level qualification that will provide graduates with the knowledge and a comprehensive set of technical skills that enables them to: - monitor the risk of cyber security attacks - implement...
    TAFE NSW Course Number: 900-10591EV01
    This short course contains the English units of competency required for general entry to the Australian Defence Forces. Successful completion of 900-10591EV01 Statement of Attainment in Defence Preparation English and 900-10591MV01 Statement of...

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