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Business, Management and Technology

There are many and varied rewarding career paths in the business world, from accounting and marketing to business administration. OTEN offers nationally recognised qualifications which give you the skills and knowledge to make your mark in today’s ever-changing workplace.

NSW Fair Trading recognises many of the courses offered as a pathway to licensing. Australians’ love of real estate has generated into career opportunities for those interested in property services and OTEN offers a range of qualifications in this booming industry.

Information and communication technology (ICT) is embedded in all aspects of today’s rapidly changing world. Currently, the industry is experiencing an accelerated convergence of technologies. Technologies which formerly sat within one industry sector are blurring at the borders, leading to new and dynamic job roles.

This field offers exciting jobs and careers that are not just confined to a single industry but are an essential element in any business so your skills are transportable across a variety of job sectors, including entertainment, construction, education, primary industries, retail, manufacturing and government.

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