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What happens if I get behind in my work?

What happens if I get behind in my work?

Your TVET Teacher will provide you with a timetable when you first enrol with OTEN. This outlines all assignments and tests which are required to be done by you. Each event will have a due date assigned to it. It is vital that you complete the event and post or email it to your teacher for feedback, before that due date.

If you are scheduled to do a test by a particular date, you need to plan ahead and request that the test paper be sent to your school in enough time to meet the deadline date.

Should you get behind with your work, you must contact your TVET Teacher. Failure to do so may result in a Warning Letter being sent to you, your parents and the school.

The Board of Studies only requires a student to receive two (2) warning letters before an ‘N' determination is being issued.

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