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About Uni Via TAFE Digital

Uni via TAFE Digital provides learners with the opportunity to gain practical job skills and nationally recognised qualifications before going to Uni. This will not only fast forward the learners ability to graduate and enter the workforce sooner but ensures they gain access to more career opportunities with greater earning potential.

More than one way to get into Uni

Uni Via TAFE Digital is available in various schemes where a learner is able to enter Uni by completing one of the following pathways:

  • Pre-uni courses - These are TAFE Digital courses which provide successful learners with a academic credits which can be applied to subjects undertaken at University.
  • TAFE Degree Programs - Designed together with our partner Universities, these degree programs provide successful learners to transition into a University degree. In addition at the end of the program learners gain a qualification which can be used to enter the workforce in that field.

Why you should study Uni via TAFE Digital

Higher learning can lead to higher earning: graduates can earn up to 75%* more than school leavers and have more career opportunities. Uni via TAFE Digital offers learners the opportunity to learn practical, career oriented skills with the added benefit of:

  • practical training that will enhance your employability
  • earn academic credits towards your university degree
  • gain academic skills to enable you to excel at Uni

*Australian Government, Department of Education, The facts about higher education, 6 February 2015.

Benefits of Uni Via TAFE Digital

Besides providing a pathway into Uni, our courses and programs result in positive outcomes for learners because:

  • Courses focus on applied rather than abstract skills
  • Programs are developed in consultation with industry to ensure currency and relevance
  • Smaller class sizes instead of large university lecture halls
  • Caring and friendly staff
  • Practical, student-focused teaching strategies
  • Seamless pathways between vocational and higher education TAFE NSW qualifications.

HSC & Tertiary Preparation

The majority of the Pre-uni courses and TAFE Degree Programs require learners to have attained their Higher School Certificate (HSC). If you did not complete your schooling, for whatever reason, you can still achieve your study goals by completing our HSC or Tertiary Preparation studies through TAFE Digital.

HSC & Tertiary Preparation: read more

Pre-uni course list

Please see below for a list of available courses

Course Number


ABN 89 755 348 137 | RTO Code 90003

Contact by Training Services NSW:
If your course has been funded by Training Services NSW under Smart and Skilled, you may be contacted by a Training Services NSW representative to discuss your experience at TAFE Digital.