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Getting Started

Getting Started

What happens when I enrol

Once your application to enrol is accepted you will:

  • be required to verify your email address, if you provide one. Otherwise you will be issued with an email address from TAFE. TAFE Digital will use email to correspond with you about your studies. Important correspondence sent to you from TAFE Digital will be available from the Online Learning Support (OLS) website.
  • receive a Confirmation of Enrolment which includes your Student username and initial password. You will need to change your password. These will allow you to access your online services and resources.
  • receive access to your learning materials. If TAFE Digital has difficulties delivering your learning materials, the phone number you provide may be used by TAFE Digital’s mailing agent to provide secure delivery of your learning materials. Each set of learning materials will only be dispatched once. Contact your teaching section for more information if required.

You will be provided with a learning plan to assist you to timetable your study so you complete your course by the end date. You will need to factor in any specified dates such as practicals and work placement, if required. Information can be found in each unit Assessment Guide accessed from the OLS.

Centrelink study requirements

If you are receiving a Centrelink payment to study, you must comply with the time frame you have negotiated with Centrelink. Centrelink may require you to complete a course in a shorter time frame than the enrolment period. You should check requirements with Centrelink.

I have experience and skills can I get credit for these?

You may apply for credit for a single unit or groups of units up to 100% of a qualification. You can apply at any time however it is best to make your applications as early as possible after enrolment.

Flexible study with TAFE Digital allows you to complete your course faster, especially if you are applying for recognition, or to match your own personal needs. However, you must also remember that courses are updated and replaced If the course you are studying is being replaced your teachers will notify you and discuss your options for completing the most up to date qualification.


You may request a transcript of your studies at any time by contacting TAFE Digital. For Nationally Recognised qualifications transcripts and testamurs can no longer be issued if you have not supplied a USI or have outstanding fees. If you have completed any HSC studies, you will receive your results from the NSW Board of Studies.

When you finish your course you will be notified and receive a testamur. The testamur acknowledges that you have met the requirements of the course.

If you have lost your testamur a replacement can be printed for an administration fee. To organise a reprint please contact TAFE Digital.

Results review

If you would like to discuss your results please contact your teacher, Head Teacher or TAFE Digital on 131 601.


ABN 89 755 348 137 | RTO Code 90003