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Getting Started

Getting Started

How to study successfully by distance

Studying by distance with TAFE Digital offers you greater flexibility however it also requires greater discipline and self-motivation.

You need to decide when it suits you best to study and develop your own weekly study plan. Generally there are no assessment deadlines so it is your responsibility to submit your assessments on a regular basis so that you progress through your course and successfully complete it.

To be successful you need to:

  • develop good study habits. Set up a routine of when and where you will be studying and stick to it! Allocate blocks of time (say 2 hours) in your diary on a regular basis. You will be pleasantly surprised at the progress you will make if you work consistently.
  • engage with your learning materials. Open your resources and jump online, navigate around the OLS to get a feel of what you need to do, set out your work in chunks starting with what is most important first and remember to be realistic.
  • organise yourself. Set up a calendar of when you are going to submit assignments, sit tests or attend practicals.
  • communicate. Distance study doesn't mean isolation. Visit the OLS frequently to find out what's happening and log into your email. Join your peers on Facebook - each vocational area has a site where you get to chat with other students.
  • ask for help. If you are having problems understanding your learning materials, accessing the OLS or starting your assessments, then contact your teaching section by email or phone.
  • celebrate your achievements. Whether this may be submitting an assessment or completing a unit, treat yourself with a small reward to stay motivated.


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