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eLearning is where students and teachers use technology systems to support learning and connect with one another.

This includes any learning that is assisted by information and communication technology such as computer-based online learning, but also covers interactive CDs, videos, mobile phones, teleconference, video conferencing and social networking sites.

Different TAFE Digital courses use different eLearning resources and other activities such as face-to-face or work-based or simulated learning, but all enrolled students access their e-learning through the Online learning Support (OLS) website.

Users of TAFE NSW online services are required to abide by the TAFE NSW Internet and Intranet Services Code of Expected User Behaviour.

Visit the Study Skills website to discover more about eLearning.


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Contact by Training Services NSW:
If your course has been funded by Training Services NSW under Smart and Skilled, you may be contacted by a Training Services NSW representative to discuss your experience at TAFE Digital.